About Interplai

Launched to solve the
last-mile delivery challenge.

Launched to solve the last-mile delivery challenge.

Last-mile delivery involves the journey of goods from a transportation hub to a final delivery point, usually a personal residence or business. The delivery is typically accomplished by a single vehicle making multiple deliveries to unique destinations by following complicated travel routes on local roads. The route changes with each new set of deliveries, requiring the capability to continually solve complex logistical challenges in real time.

It was this big problem that really intrigued us. Then we went to work solving it.

Positive Discontent

We’ve worked in the industry a long time and have been disappointed by the lack of collaboration in delivery systems and interoperability in the autonomous vehicle space. We wanted to fix that at Interplai, and from the very beginning, we designed our system to facilitate collaboration and our robots to work with autonomous vehicles.

Our collaborative smart logistics platform provides three services that help logistic companies optimize their delivery performance using software, on-demand delivery and robotics to take full advantage of crowdsourced delivery.