Capacity-as-a-Service "CaaS"

Connecting you to delivery resources on-demand.

Interplai Connect is the next sequential service in the overall integrated solution. It provides you with capacity on demand or Capacity-as-a-Service “Caas”. If there is a cheaper third-party resource, or if you just need more capacity, these options are now on your dashboard.

Interplai Connect utilizes its proprietary VRO technology to evaluate and recommend third-party logistics companies that can perform deliveries at a lower cost. It will also connect to robotic systems through Interplay Deliver.

How it works.

Interplai’s VRO search engine will analyze your deliveries and make recommendations to you when it finds that a third-party logistics company can perform the delivery at a lower cost. If you accept the third-party delivery recommendation (based on your individual lower cost threshold preferences), Interplai will coordinate and seamlessly broker the delivery transaction between the parties for a transaction fee.

A new level of collaboration.

With input from Interplai Connect, you can collaborate with other resources without having to spend the time building the relationships yourself. The system has already done that for you. You decide when to use this marketplace of resources and we take care of all the administration.