Robots-as-a-Service "RaaS"

Interplai Deliver is a Robot-as-a-Service “RaaS” solution that provides additional delivery capacity to Interplai Direct and Interplai Connect customers by using patented sidewalk delivery robots.

A multi-robot system.

If you accept an automated delivery recommendation from our VRO search engine, we dispatch one of our sidewalk delivery robots to perform the delivery.

These robots are part of a Multi-Robot System (MRS) that coordinates a set of robots operating in the same environment. Each robot is assigned tasks that may also be shared with other robots in the system. Awareness of other robots and their corresponding goals allows the system to execute deliveries more efficiently by modifying assignments based on changing conditions.

Modular delivery robots for specific delivery types.

Our individual delivery robots are more efficient because of the flexibility our patent-pending reconfigurable technology provides. It equips us to choose from our various customized cargo containers or Smart Boxes to load on the chassis for different delivery services like food, medication, and parcels.

What makes these containers “smart” are the integrated microcomputers and sensors that allow the dispatcher to give commands through the box. Cargo capacity is increased because multiple boxes can be docked on one robot.

A collaborative smart storage system.

We’ve created a stationary smart storage system that allows full automation in cargo loading. Our robots dock and then can reconfigure themselves without the need for human interaction.

This storage system can also become lockers, allowing people to easily make in-person deposits or pick-ups.

All on board the mothership.

Equipped with this storage system, an autonomous vehicle collaborating with Interplai can serve as the “mothership” to carry multiple delivery robots to a specific location for deployment. Based on real-time location tracking, Interplai Deliver will dispatch the nearest available robot to perform the delivery for you.