Software-as-a-Service "SaaS"

Optimized routes for your delivery fleets.

Interplai Direct is a SaaS solution that optimizes routes for delivery vehicle fleets. It is an AI powered vehicle route optimization (VRO) solution that provides a flexible last-mile delivery platform to manage complex logistics with applications in food, grocery, retail, healthcare, and other industries. The VRO platform continuously learns and evolves to any changing conditions automatically, using its unique Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

For any delivery service from single drivers to large businesses, Interplai plans the best way possible for you to go through your daily route to save maximum time and costs.

Optimized routes for delivery fleets
Optimized routes for delivery fleets
Optimized routes for delivery fleets

How it works.

The Interplai Direct API is a web service that uses HTTP requests to return JSON-formatted vehicle routing information. You can upload information about your current routing needs and the web service will find the most optimal routes. The web service performs online optimizations using specialized algorithms to solve the on-demand and crowdsourced delivery problem. Interplai Direct continuously learns how to improve its optimization over time.

New AI models can also be created by users and then integrated into the optimization process. You can upload a dataset and Interplai Direct will automatically train an AI model on the data. During the optimization process, the AI models are used to generate predictions.

Enabling active collaboration.

Once Interplai Direct receives your orders, it reviews all the delivery variables and produces optimized route recommendations for your entire fleet and crowd-sourced resources. 

By sending updates based on changing conditions–of drivers, traffic, bundled opportunities–the best solution is always in front of you so you can decide how to respond.

Optimized routes for delivery fleets

Interplai Direct Features

Route Planning

Software automatically calculates the daily individual routes for each driver based on our algorithms for maximum efficiency significantly reducing fuel costs and time wasted. Upload your deliveries manually and/or order batches supported in multiple different file formats.

AI Powered Algorithms

Unique algorithms are able to determine the best routes possible within seconds. They constantly adjust for any road hazard (traffic, accidents) and handle any type of specialized service requests (refrigeration, tow, healthcare) with the most accurate expected time to arrival.

Administrative Dashboard

A live all-in-one control panel controls the entire fleet (order, schedule, navigate), all fleet service routes, and automatically adjusts for any last-minute additions and/or cancellations that go directly to the appropriate driver.

Real-time Location Tracking

Track your fleet in real-time up to the second with our interactive Interplai Dashboard fully integrated map feature to show what has been done and who is where.

Data Analytic Reports

Evaluate productivity of each driver and service route based on key metrics and parameters updated daily in a concise report to easily identify any problem areas.

Ease of Use

Universal online cloud software requires less than 5 minutes to install and set up then you’re ready to go in no time with Interplai’s all-in-one platform.