Investing in Interplai

The world’s most efficient last-mile delivery solution

Using AI, software, and smart collaborative robots.

Market Size Expected to exceed

$60 Billion

Total market size for the last-mile delivery segment is expected to exceed $60 Billion by 2023 with double-digit CAGR. But last mile is also the most costly and inefficient phase of the delivery process–over 53% of the total transport cost for goods. 

There is a huge business opportunity here for firms that can reduce cost and find efficiencies. That’s exactly what Interplai can deliver.

Current solutions

Vendors of route optimization software don’t address all the issues of on-demand and crowdsourced delivery. As a result, delivery companies have a patchwork solution that doesn’t truly meet their needs and drive down costs.

Why Interplai is the one to back.

Collaboration. In every step of the journey, we are providing a way for delivery firms to leverage collaboration to reduce costs and increase efficiency–from route optimization, to working with other logistics firms for capacity-on-demand, to leveraging automation through robots and AV.

Interplai software distinctives.

The software uses proprietary AI and machine learning developed in-house to create predictive models that allows Interplai to produce custom multi-stop routing optimization algorithms for each customer.

New AI models can also be created by users and then integrated into the optimization process. You can upload a dataset and Interplai Direct will automatically train an AI model on the data. During the optimization process, the AI models are used to generate predictions.

Vehicle routing optimization (VRO) is more than just efficient algorithms. It’s important that your VRO solution aligns with your business processes and performs well as a complete system.

Our logistic consulting focuses on addressing clients’ key business needs related to optimizing their logistic processes. We help our customers identify and fix legacy problems in the logistic processes, which greatly improves the implementation of our VRO solutions.