Delivery Driver Frustrations

We spoke with a longtime delivery driver about common frustrations when making deliveries. After this conversation, we realized all these frustrations shared a common thread: Traffic.   Drivers going too slow or idling where they shouldn’t be? Traffic issue.  Getting trapped downtown after a major league game, school graduation, or concert? That’s a traffic issue.  Coming […]

More Clicks, Less Bricks: Dark Stores, Ghost Kitchens, and Delivery Innovation

“Dark Stores” and “Ghost Kitchens” may draw up images of dimly lit and mysterious markets or spooky, Halloween-themed restaurants. Fortunately, dark stores and ghost kitchens are simply a new wave of innovation in retail focused on meeting customer demands for fast delivery while decreasing costs for business owners. Dark stores are not open to the […]

Typical Day for a Contract Delivery Driver

Are you interested in working as a contract delivery driver but unsure of what your schedule could look like? We spent some time with Max, an experienced driver, to see what a typical day looks like.  7:30 AM – Max wakes up early enough to go on a quick run around the neighborhood, shower, and […]

Trusted and Trendy College Businesses

With a revolving influx of new students each year, business owners on college campuses will always have a steady stream of customers. While some businesses are always going to be popular in this environment, adapting businesses or opening new ones to match current students’ taste can ensure that a business maintains a steady stream of […]

Tips for Success as a Contract Delivery Driver 

Working as a contract delivery driver can be a lucrative side job or even a primary occupation. Following the strategies outlined here, you will be able to make the most of your contract delivery experience.  #1: Get to know your delivery area Your first task as a contract delivery driver is to locate an area […]

Three Qualities Customers Look for In Deliveries 

Keep up with customer expectations. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in a successful business. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, more likely to recommend your business to their network, and more likely to stick with your business when competition arrives. Likewise, dissatisfied customers can lead to a loss […]